Battery Powered 420 Weed Grinders (Manual Grinder 2.5 Inch) 

  • Brand: Mamba
  • Manufacturer:Diversitech

          UPC: 884540118988

  • ✅ GRIND-N-UNWIND: The Mamba Grinder comes in different sizes to suit different levels of use. The 2IN pocket edition is designed for portability and convenience. The Standard 2.5IN Mamba Grinder has spacious grinding chambers to grind a larger amount of herb at once.
  • ✅ SUPERIOR RESULTS: The Mamba Grinder is equipped with razor sharp teeth optimized for grinding herb giving you the best consistency. The sharpness and curvature of the grinding chambers gives you that fine texture with minimum effort.
  • ✅ GRIND IN FINESE: The Mamba Grinder is a 4 component grinder. Each chamber tailored to give you the finest results. Layers include Magnetized Lid, Grinding Chambers, Keef Cather, Pollen Collector and a scrapping tool.
  • ✅ POINT OF DIFFERENCE: The Mamba is designed for durability. Made of the finest materials, the Mamba is your grinding buddy for the long haul. The Mamba shell is anodized aluminum meant to withstand wear and tear.
  • ✅ QUALITY GUARANTEED: Quality is our promise to you. The Mamba is one of the finest grinders on the market. In a rare case of a quality concern, feel free to contact our friendly customer service.